Thursday, January 29, 2015

food stall at @ india tourist and industrial fair 2015, island ground

foodies will never miss this rare opportunity of trying out this mega appalam available only in fair , even they sell loose packets but trying it at home is Impossible,milagai bajji also sells fast as there is huge rush for this oil soaked fast food.taste wise its worth having,having live counter is so advantageous that you get only hot bajji.but the real question is how often they change the oil? paying a hefty amount to get a stall for 70days , i doubt about the quality. its similar to street food. 

some stalls have plastic table chair, neatly arranged so that public can have a decent place to sit and enjoy their will have a day out asking whatever they see, ice cream stall has its presence but only one brand jamai is present.

highlight of the fair is this appalam and milagai  bajji

masala poori,chana poori,samosa,are some of fast selling food items, traditional filter coffee is worth trying ,most food items are prepared live and served .you can sit ,relax and enjoy your food after a long walk in the to bring your own water.

Kumbakonam is the orgin of traditional dabara style degree coffee, you can enjoy Sri Ranganathan Coffee at the fair,coffee is given in cups and not in dabara.


  1. To the Indian Blogger!

    This blog just took me for a memory ride to those twilight outings to exhibitions my dad used to take us when we were kids. While the kitchenware stalls made my mom busy, his only way to deal with us in the maddening crowd was these stalls and the tangy sweet treat from milagai bajji to cotton candy with sugarcane juice and popcorns for the way. Thank you for the ride

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